I want to show you some very effective analytic dashboard layouts from a video delivery platform called Bits on the Run. For those of you who are not familiar with BOTR, it’s a service for transcoding and streaming videos on the Internet. It’s popular with bloggers who want to inexpensively host and publish their video content. What’s of real interest to me is the way the BOTR dashboards provide analytic image. Take a look at this screenshot:

Bits on the Run Dashboard

Actually, a better way to get a sense of how these analytical reports are displayed and consumed is to actually watch them in action. Take a look at this video:

Unless you’re really interested in learning about posting video on the web, you’ll want to press forward to the 7 min. mark where the presenter starts showing you the dashboard screens and demonstrates the analytics available for each video. You’ll see that the screen show the number of video views, the number of page views, the total number of hours you, as well as analytics by day and engagement data. What’s particularly helpful to marketers is to watch how long the viewers watch each video. There is of course always a drop-off rate, but you can tell which videos really hold people’s interest by examining the user engagement data.