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The most valuable thing that The Dashboard Spy website can give you (other than the guided tour through hundreds of dashboards, that is!) is the head start on your dashboard project via these templates. With these dashboard templates, you can literally save weeks or months on your project. Don't believe me? Download one today and see why.

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Enterprise Dashboard Wireframes

Want to implement your dashboard in the smoothest fashion possible? Do yourself a favor and use the wireframe approach to get user signoff. Dashboards are highly visual and traditional specifications are not sufficient. Low-fidelity wireframes won't always work either. You have to provide a bit of sizzle right from the start with some nicely laid out wireframes that indicate a graphic design and application logo. Not only will the users be able to envision and "try out" their user experience, they will get sold earlier on the design and information architecture. Also, you'll be able to hand off screen specifications nicely to your developers using these high-fidelity mockups.

The Dashboard Spy Wireframe Templates have been developed in Powerpoint. The installed user base is incredible and the ease of use is very high. All the elements are regular Powerpoint objects and can be fully customized and changed by you. We've paid a lot of attention to the development of these templates and you'll see that the screens look very polished. Your wireframes and mockups will look great when you run the presentation for the users.

The Dashboard Spy Dashboard Wireframe Templates:

Cool Blue Dashboard Wireframe Template

"Cool Blue" is a 3 column layout featuring a wide center column containing a data table. It's surrounded on each side by portlets. A nice modern look suitable for the common "let's put a dashboard page into our application" scenario.

Go to the Cool Blue Wireframe Template page.

To Use this Template, Right click and "Save target as" to your hard drive, then run the Powerpoint presentation - Don't open in your browser.

Dashboard Graphics and Icon Sets

Over the course of many enterprise dashboard projects, certain graphic elements catch our eye and become true "Go-to" resources. They have been captured in these Dashboard Graphics and Icons Sets. Feel free to use them to start or house your own collections.

The Dashboard Spy Dashboard Graphics Sets are presented in Powerpoint format. Simply download the ppt file and copy and paste the icons as you desire. The icons come with their backgrounds already "knocked out", but you may find that they work best against a white background.

The Dashboard Spy Dashboard Graphics Sets:

Red Light Green Light 123 Dashboard Graphics Icons Set

"Red Light, Green Light, 123" is a set of icons suitable for showing the status of a dashboard KPI. For many people, seeing a red/yellow/green indicator light is what an executive dashboard is all about

Go to the Red Light - Green Light - 123 Dashboard Graphics page.

To Use this Dashboard Set, Right click and "Save target as" to your hard drive, then run the Powerpoint presentation - Don't open in your browser.


PowerPoint Presentation Dashboard Template

A recent trend in presentations is to use a dashboard-style approach to enable audience-driven navigation. The concept is to set up your PowerPoint with an icon-driven dashboard panel to allow quick jumps to different sections. For more information on presentation dashboards, see the posts, Using PowerPoint as a Presentation Dashboard and iDash PowerPoint Template for Dashboard Style Presentations.



Red Light Green Light 123 Dashboard Graphics Icons Set

"iDash PowerPoint Template " is a presentation template contributed by Dashboard Spy reader Pete Brown. It is a template that features a nifty cell-phone style dashboard navigation gadget.

Go to the iDash PowerPoint Template page .

To Use this Dashboard Set, Right click and "Save target as" to your hard drive, then run the Powerpoint presentation - Don't open in your browser.

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