Dashboard Spy Topic: Distribution KPI Dashboard powered by Netsuite.

Financial KPIs and Sales Funnel Metrics lie at the heart of this wholesale/distribution dashboard example. This was featured on the JCurve Dashboards site.

netsuite dashboard

The yellow boxes with the red numbers lead to explanations when you click on them at the demo at JCurve Dashboards.

Here’s some info:

NetSuite’s AJAX-powered, patent-pending Dashboards are customisable for each employee in your company, allowing you to maximise productivity across your entire organization.

The Dashboard offers instant snapshots of your designated key performance indicators (KPIs), and provides real-time trend graphs and ad hoc reports appropriate for each role in your
business. With direct drill-down capability, you can move from a summary level directly to greater detail, and you can see real-time information to proactively manage for better results. Employees can select their content and simply drag and drop their choices for their own optimal layout. With all the information to do their job at their fingertips, you’ll quickly realise increased productivity and greater employee satisfaction.

Select a business type and role and see why executives and employees work better and smart with NetSuite Dashboards. Simply roll the cursor over the highlighted numbers on the screen to see descriptions of NetSuite’s Dashboard features.