Does your business intelligence dashboard support multiple languages? Perhaps this is a concern because you work with a multinational corporation based in different countries or you want to offer multiple languages to the public because you have a worldwide audience. Let’s take a look at how some dashboards can tackle the language translation issue.

Take a look at this screenshot.

translation of dashboard

It shows how you will need to do translation at the sentence level. You’ll need of course to construct your dashboard architecture in such a way that it consumes separate language files so that you can swap out labels, instructions, navigation, alerts, and other user facing text.

Also, keep in mind that you will want to keep text in images to a minimum. Try not to embed language specific text in your dashboard images. Trying to keep all graphics to universally understood conventions and use language specific text only in text areas. I wouldn’t try and overdo the use of “universal” icons as this can sometimes make for very puzzling interfaces. Have you ever tried to put together furniture from IKEA? In their use of universal images and icons devoid of all text, they may have gone too far. Several times, I just could not figure out what to do from the pictures!

For more on the translation issue take a look at this link. It explains the use of the above image.

Translating the Bits on the Run Dashboard