The Balanced Scorecard was introduced in 1992 according to the Wikipedia article on Balanced Scorecards.  I’m sorry, but that’s just plain wrong. How do I know? Arthur M. Schneiderman, long time process management guru and honorary Dashboard Spy, was there when the first balanced scorecard was developed at Analog Devices in 1987. It is the world’s first balanced scorecard and it’s still in use today.

Thanks to Mr. Schneiderman, we have a insider historic account of the long and eventful scorecard journey that Analog Devices took starting in 1986. See the incredible resource: The First Balanced Scorecard: Analog Devices: 1986-1992. There are outsider accounts of this first scorecard (i.e. Harvard Business School case) but it takes insider knowledge to really tell the story that would benefit implementation specialists like most of you readers of The Dashboard Spy.

The link above will bring you to a treasure trove of narrative and balanced scorecard project artifacts. Of course, I’m always on the lookout for screenshots. Among the finds I uncovered are a series of screenshots showing the evolution of the scorecard through 5 years of iterations:

Evolution of the first balanced scorecard

In addition to scorecard screenshots like the ones above (fully annoted with project observations, by the way), the site also offers the following: