A long time Dashboardspy.com reader asked me to point him to some IBM Cognos Dashboard examples. I realized I don’t have anything for Cognos version 10.1 yet, so while I search, I’ll send you to the official IBM Cognos dashboard example.

The IBM Cognos page on dashboarding is very helpful and worth visiting as well.

Here’s a couple of highlights:

IBM Cognos Version 10 dashboard capabilities allow any user to access, interact and personalize content in a way that supports the unique way they make decisions. Secure access to information from all time horizons including Business Intelligence, Real-time Monitoring, SPSS and Cognos TM1 means that users can quickly move from insight to action.

With Cognos Business version 10 Intelligence Dashboard capabilities you can:

Assemble and personalize dashboard views to support individual decision-making styles.
Leverage information from all time horizons, past, present and future, for a complete view of the business.

Make dashboards portable to support decisions where and when they need to be made.

Limitless BI Workspace

Analyze and share – View, interact with and analyze the result set, and share the results to follow a train of thought and generate a unique perspective around information.

Assemble and format – Drag-and-drop trusted content (BI, TM1, RTM, Metric Studio, and PowerPlay), filters, and other content (RSS, HTML, text, and images). Modify and arrange layout, add colors and text, add comments, and personalize widgets.

Interact and analyze – Change display, add calculations, filter/prompt, drill up/down, and sort data and seamlessly move to Business Insight Advanced for additional analysis.Share and collaborate – Consume, share, and distribute dashboard objects, and integrate with Lotus Connections.

Make Dashboards Portable

By leveraging the Cognos Platform users are able to access dashboard content regardless of language or location. Users are provided with an interactive dashboard experience for a deeper understanding and improved decision-making where, when and how it is required.

Add, view, interact with and refresh dashboard content within Microsoft Office applications.
View and interact with dashboards on the BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile or Symbian mobile devices.

Schedule, burst and distribute professionally authored dashboard content to a broad audience of consumers who need disconnected access to their dashboards.

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