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Back to School for Excel Dashboards and VBA Macros

Yes, it’s that time of year – summer is just about over and the kids are going back to school. And it’s not just the kids, but also for us Dashboard Spies.

What do I mean? Well, Chandoo has reopened his Excel Dashboard School and VBA Classes.

Go here to check it out: Excel VBA Training

Microsoft Excel is a wonderful tool for dashboards. And with VBA, you can maximize your Excel efforts. Automating the work is an important problem, and almost everyone has it. By using Excel VBA, you can automate several areas of your data analysis, reporting and modeling work.

VBA Classes are for you, if you,

  • Make repetitive reports, dashboards or slides and looking for ways to automate
  • Want to learn VBA to understand and use Excel better
  • Want to use Excel for more powerful & demanding tasks

Here’s a look at the topics covered in VBA Classes with Chandoo:

vba classes

Plus, there’s an option to bundle the critically acclaimed Excel School and Excel Dashboard training.

Go to this link:

Chandoo’s Excel Training with Dashboards and VBA Classes

Excel Dashboard Training

Excel Dashboard Training Resource: Recommended highly by The Dashboard Spy

Important notice for Excel users: Chandoo’s Excel School (a leading excel training program) now has a special module for learning to create excel business dashboards.
excel dashboard training

Click here to learn more: http://budurl.com/exceltutorial

This just in from Excel School:

What is Excel School & who should join?

Excel School is an online Excel & Dashboards training program aimed at beginner & intermediate level Excel users to make them efficient in Excel.

At the end of the program,

  • You will be proficient in Excel
  • You will know how to use (and mix) formulas
  • You will make better Excel charts
  • You will be productive with Microsoft Excel
  • You will be able to construct world-class Excel Dashboards

There are 50 lessons with 31 hours of video and 50 Example files to help you become awesome in Excel.

How does Excel School work?

Excel School is a complete online program. All the lessons are recorded. You can watch the lessons anytime you want, in any order and repeat them any number of times.

Extra information on Excel Dashboard Training

All new Dashboards Module: I am adding 8 hours of dashboard training to Excel School. This will be of stellar value to people in analyst / managerial positions.

23 hours of video lessons: Now students will be able to enjoy 23 hours of awesome excel training.

All New Beginner Module: Excel School comes with a beginner module (90 minutes, 10 lessons) so that even if someone dont know much about excel, they can still enjoy all the kick-ass content in Excel School.

Plus everything else in earlier Excel Schools: That means, all the content, features, money back guarantee, 40+ downloadable excel workbooks, 2 class projects, homeworks and everything that is awesome about earlier editions of excel school is still there.

Use this link to learn more: