Dashboard Spy Topic: Costing Dashboards. There are many factors when it comes to determining the cost of a business dashboard project. Of course, one of the big determining factors is whether you build the dashboard yourself (a custom dashboard development project), integrate an off the shelf dashboard product from a dashboard software vendor, or some combination of the two (customizing an engine for example).

Take a look at the article titled “Cost of Dashboard Deployments“.

Here’s an excerpt:

Selecting a dashboard solution for your organization can be stressful or overwhelming. Many considerations have to be taken into account such as the purpose of the dashboard, how widely it will be deployed, what integration criteria is required, and important features and functionality. In addition to all of this, organizations compare these criteria based on pricing structures. Whether this means the initial cost of deployment, the implementation times associated with the solution, or what the solution will cost over time, identifying cost and how it affects the overall evaluation process cannot be overlooked.

This article looks at what cost considerations exist when looking at dashboard solutions and what realistic expectations are regarding dashboard solution costs. In addition, some dashboard vendors have provided averages of the cost of deployment for their products based on the number of users or various licensing fees/structures. These numbers (excluding names) will provide additional insight into what organizations should expect when implementing dashboard solutions.

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