The idea of benchmarking the performance of a municipality or governed area such as a state is quite interesting. The Connecticut Economic Resource Center or CERC has been using business intelligence dashboards to provide perspectives on Connecticut’s competitive performance.

CT economic dashboard

Visit the dashboard here: CERC Dashboard

Take a look at the CERC dashboard and you’ll note that it’s basically an Economic Dashboard for the state of Connecticut. The dashboard is from and is interactive in nature. The graphics used in the dashboard represent both well-established metrics and newly developed measures to benchmark the state’s current conditions and potential for growth in areas such as:




Urban vitality



Business vitality

The designers wanted to give different perspectives on the economic metrics and thus incorporated the following techniques:

Often, a single webpage shows different data items that highlight interactions among the variables.

Graphics were chosen that quickly showed general trends as well as focus and highlight recent critical changes.

To further understanding of the issues, different presentations of the same data are often used.

Here is the link to the dashboard. Please check it out. Also, take a look at this page and note how promotion of the dashboard is important as well. Note at the bottom of the page the news releases about the dashboard called “Dash Flash”.

About the CERC Dashboard