When it comes down to the very essence of the “Why Dashboards?” question, the answer really comes down to speed. There is a measurable need for faster and more digestible, more accessible information. I believe that this “need for speed” in understanding business metrics and trends is what drives the adoption of business dashboards.

Take a look at this chart from the Aberdeen Group on the Top Pressures Driving Dashboard Initiatives:

dashboard initiative

Want to see the full report? Go here (this link is a direct link to a pdf):

Aberdeen’s Executive Dashboards: The Key to Unlocking Double Digit Profit Growth.

From the paper:

Aberdeen’s latest research on dashboard usage validates the business adage that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” From the executive management team down to the line-level business managers and “front-line” employees, the research shows that employees of all levels and functions are deriving value from the business visibility that dashboard tools provide. By leveraging a strong set of process, knowledge, organizational, and performance measurement capabilities, Best-in-Class companies are employing both strategic and tactical dashboard solutions in order to drive double digit improvements in profitability and have achieved substantial increases in customer service and sales performance. This benchmark report is based on feedback from 285 organizations globally.