Executive Dashboard Topic: Measuring Brand Strength and Marketing Metrics with Dashboards

An executive dashboard can be a powerful force multiplier, especially when it comes to areas that, while traditionally reliant on trend analysis and data crunching, have not jumped on the idea of enterprise dashboards as quickly as other parts of the organization. Such is the case in the area of marketing, particularly brand management.

One case study that I’ve been using is that of TRW Automotive. They have an enterprise-wide six sigma intiative going. When it came time to take measurements for six sigma-style improvements, the brand dashboard from a company called Cymfony was used.

TRW had the following goals and requirements for their quality improvement and marketing dashboard project. They were looking to determine success of their communications program by improvements in overall public relations productivity as measured by mentions in the media (cost of positive or neurtral stories, message impressions, decreases in the number of negative media impressions and increases in share of voice. Specifically,  their marketing measurement goals were:

  • Standardization of metrics
  • Reporting of metrics in a automated and timely manner
  • Full coverage of company and competitors
  • Analytical capability
  • Development and Adoption of Measurement Model

The Methodology used was as follows:

  • Select vendor to develop a solution that meets your specific goals
  • Select key metrics and benchmarks
  • Determine baseline for reporting as needed for planned/unplanned events
  • Select champion for Six Sigma (instead of keeper) to make sure baseline remains consistent
  • Establish key sources and media groups
  • Rate all documents for TRW and competitors in key source groups.
  • Placeholder-communicating to executives, how often to go back and review metrics, messages, brands, visibility, etc. (review cycle)

To illustrate some of the dashboarding the company did in this area, I dug into the Dashboard Spy archives. Among the enterprise dashboard treasures I found were these dashboard mockups created by a designer on the cymfony brand dashboard team. While, they were not for the TRW company (instead they show branding metrics for Cisco), these are representative executive dashboards.

This first screenshot is of the Brand Report Card.  It displays metrics in the categories of Visibility (media coverage), Buzz (brand mentions), Topics (subjects covered), Sources (media sources) and Clippiings (recent stories). The main graphic is the Overall Brand Strength:

Brand dashboard shows overall brand strength

This next dashboard screenshot shows the media share of the company relative to that of its competitors. Again, it shows the marketing share KPIs for a different company (in this case General Motors), but you get the point:

Media share dashboard example

And this example shows a drill down into the actual clipping. In this case, what a brand marketer from NetIQ would see:

Media Clipping Dashboard

I rather like this series of dashboard screenshots in terms of design and the information they show. The designs are from 2001 or so and still hold up well.

In general, dashboards commissioned by marketing departments tend to hold up well over time because of the attention paid to the design and look and feel components. I know I’m generalizing, but the best looking dashboard designs tend to come from marketing departments and the worst looking come from IT departments.

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