Hospitals, medical centers and other health systems commonly use digital dashboard technology to assist in their performance monitoring and quality improvement processes. We have recently examined several hospital executive dashboards over at the dashboard screenshot collection (

Today we look at the metrics and KPIs commonly used to monitor performance as well an example of a performance improvement process:

Performance Improvement Process 

The above process is from the actual PI (performance improvement) team at an Illinois hospital (Methodist Medical Center). Their process is centered on disease-specific core measure teams. Each disease area has a team that includes a physician champion, the service line nursing director, a nurse manager from that service line, a clinical nurse specialist, a member of the PI department staff, a case manager and several line staff members and staff from ancillary areas.

Together, the team collects data, populates dashboards and abstracts patterns that will power improvements in quality.

Here is a sample dashboard. Sorry for the poor quality, but it is OK since the focus on this post is not so much on the dashboard graphics and charts, but on the underlying data and key performance metrics.

Hospital Data Dashboard

Now we turn our attention to the metrics collected by the performance improvement team:

Health System Dashboard Measures

The above diagram lists the measures displayed on dashboards from various health care providers. For example, the Customer Service Dashboard provides information such as Percentage of patients who would recommend the hospital to others, Percent rating “5” on surveys, Satisfaction of elements such as parking, courtesy of staff, cleanliness, caring of staff, meal quality, follow-up education and instruction and pain management. This is capped by an overall satisfaction mesure.

Likewise, the Clinical Dashboard measures performance metrics such as mortality rate, quality improvement, readmission rate, and various procedure-specific kpis.

The Key Process Dashboard has important hospital management measures: Percent of transfusions having reactions, accurate performance of transfustion protocols, adverse drug reactions, medicine error severity, autopsy rate, employee exposures to blood and bodily fluids, code response times, etc.

Other Key Performance Indicators:

Hospital KPI chart

Just to surface for a second and look at the overall categories of measurement domains, we see from this chart that we should monitor and study statistics from:

  • Community health and advocacy
  • Customer service adn community served
  • Financial
  • Medical excellence (operational)
  • Medical excellence (clinical outcomes)
  • Information management
  • Values, staff investment and development

Hospital Measurement Categories

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