"Red Light - Green Light - 123" Dashboard Graphics Collection - Icon Set for Enterprise Dashboards

We are proud to offer this much talked-about graphic resource for enterprise dashboard project member These icons and graphics have been collected over time and field proven in various executive dashboards. The red, yellow and green indicators are perfect for displaying the status of Key Performance Indicators. Originally used to illustrate dashboard concepts for business users during the conception phase of enterprise dashboard projects, these graphics have become popular with all dashboard team members including business analysts, dashboard designers and dashboard developers.

Description of this Dashboard Spy Collection of Graphics and Icons

The presentation is a standard PowerPoint file with each icon embedded as a Power Point object. To include any particular dashboard graphic in your own presentation, simply copy and paste the object. Highly recommended are the simplest graphics. Favorites include the squares, circles and other basis shapes. KPI status is best shown in a straight-forward manner. If you get too cute, you run the risk of getting silly.

To Use this Collection of Dashboard Graphics and Icons, right click and "Save target as" to your hard drive, then run the Powerpoint presentation - Don't open in your browser.

Enterprise Dashboard Icons Graphics for KPIs

Support FAQ

How do I download this resource?

To use this collection of graphics of enterprise dashboard status lights, you must download the Powerpoint file. There is a link above the dashboard screenshot above. You should right click on that link (or on the dashboard resource screenshot itself) and click "Save Target As". Pick a folder download location and download the .ppt file. Find and open the file using MS PowerPoint.

I clicked it and it opened but I can't do anything with it.

Did you left click it? Depending on the set up of your PC, you may have opened the file with your browser. Go back to the link and use the "right click" instructions to download the file so that you can open it using Powerpoint itself.

Why is this dashboarding tool in Powerpoint?

When dealing with dashboard users on matters of illustrating concepts, it is very simple to use the presentation format. If your needs are more specialized, ask your graphic artist to convert the graphics to the image file format you need for your enterprise dashboard.

Special Dashboard Idea!

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