Dashboard Spy Topic: Use of Maps in Business Dashboards.

I found this simple but helpful white paper on the use of mapping technology for business intelligence dashboards. It’s called Maps: An Intro Guide for Business Intelligence Dashboards. Use the link to bring it up.

It’s a little paper by Ryan Goodman of Centigon Solutions, a long-time Dashboard Spy reader.
maps for business dashboards

Did you know that there are basically 3 types of technology approaches for business dashboard maps?

SVG and Vector Maps (included in most off the shelf dashboard packages).
Web 2.0 Maps (Google, Yahoo and Bing maps)
GIS solutions (powerful but complex)

Take a look at the white paper for the basic scoop on each kind of map.

Here’s an excerpt on why maps can be important for business intelligence:

Why Maps are Important

Geographic information is critical for organizations to understand how location impacts business performance. Maps provide a powerful solution for assimilating the location of assets (people, customers, products, vehicles, etc) and/or areas (zones, regions, etc). While geo-spatial visualization is certainly not a new concept, as the pervasiveness of GPS, RFID, and location aware wireless devices increase, organizations require business intelligence to monitor location based metrics. Most database vendors have made significant investments to produce geo-data base solutions specially designed to capture, index and deliver this data. The challenge of transforming geospatial data into meaningful information is driving BI vendors to enhance their reporting and dashboard tools to meet the demands for mapping. As operational business intelligence and mobility become more important to providing near real time analysis, business users will need to monitor location based problems and opportunities.

Hubert Lee
The Dashboard Spy