The Dashboard Spy Collects Digital Dashboards and other Business Intelligence User Interfaces

Faced with a lack of resources in the areas of dashboard design and best practices, The Dashboard Spy set out a few years ago to collect examples of the budding new business intelligence technology known as the Digital Dashboard. After asking his many fellow UI designers, information architects, project managers, IT experts and business users for example screenshots, he decided to post the examples on the web. Well, that started a site that has since grown to be the largest collection of BI interfaces available.


Without passing judgement (well, most of the time anyway - The Dashboard Spy will point out examples of poor dashboard design to avoid or best practices to emulate), the Spy has posted over a thousand screenshots of dashboards of all types - balanced scorecards, executive dashboards, enterprise dashboards, reporting interfaces, the list goes on.


So, who is The Dashboard Spy? Sorry - we can't tell you who he is, but we will tell you a little about him. Heck, we'll even show you a picture. The editor of this site is an industry insider who has seen many IT projects and worked with many analysts, designers, programmers and business users on dashboard projects. He leads an Interactive Services department and has lots of ideas and opinions on User Experience-related matters.


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Are there photos of The Dashboard Spy? Here's a snapshot of him rushing into the NASDAQ studios for a bell ringing ceremony:


The Dashboard Spy visits the NASDAQ


And here is a self portrait of the Dashboard Spy:


The Dashboard Spy Self Portrait

Dashboard Spy Testimonials

Here are some things being said about the Dashboard Spy:

I found this guy and he is awesome! I have never seen so many dashboards. Anyone working on visualization and dashboards MUST go visit this site.

I must admit, while most people will find this very boring, I find this site fascinating because I actually spend a lot of time professionally trying to figure out how to present information to people in some useful summarized fashion. Nice work Dashboard Spy!

One of the hardest things about writing a good commercial application is making the thing look good. Ugly software can have every feature in the world, but very few people will bother with it. There's a great site just about interfaces - specifically dashboards - called The Dashboard Spy. If you need some interface inspiration, give it a look.

Enterprise Dashboard Resources

Keep up on the latest products and services for digital dashboards. A wide knowledge of the landscape is critical when it comes to the technology and vendor selection phase of your dashboard project.